How to Apply - Jagua Tattoos

Did someone say fruit juice tattoos???

That's right. These tattoos are made from fruit juice and are amazing long lasting temporary tattoos.

They are easy to apply and fade after almost 2 weeks.

Apply your tattoo and it will stain the top layer of your skin in 24-48hrs to show a nice deep blue/black tattoo. Your skin is constantly having the top layer worn away and new layers formed, so this is not harmful and will wear off as advertised.

It's as simple as the stick on tattoos, but looks just like a real tattoo

Jagua temporary tattoos are applied just like any other stick on tattoo. The difference is that these look just like real tattoos... Well at least for a few weeks they do...

Temporary Tattoos will age differently on different body parts

Jagua Tattoos age differently of the different parts of your body. For example, your hands get much more wear on them from washing hands all the way to working, so on these parts of the body temporary tattoos last the shortest period of time.

Areas other than hands, arms and legs are mostly covered from the sun and aren't frequently contacted with normal life, so they last the longest.

Arms and legs are somewhere in between these two, so the time tattoos last there will show that.

How To Apply - Natural Jagua Tattoos