How to Apply - Nail Wraps

Remove the clear cover

Carefully remove the clear cover from the nail wrap.

Peel the nail wrap

Gently peel the nail polish strip from its backing by pulling on the silver tab.

Remove the tab

To use the other side of the double-ended nail polish strip, gently break away the silver tab.

Apply the nail wrap

Place and smooth the strip on your nail until it is wrinkle-free, and gently stretch for a perfect fit.

File the excess

Crease the nail polish strip over the tip of your nail, and remove the excess by filing in a downward motion.

Tips & Tricks

Store and use at room temperature for best result.

To find the correct size for your nail, just check the wrap against your finger and choose the one that is just smaller than your nail.

Avoid overlapping the wraps onto your skin or cuticles as this may cause lifting at the edges.
Cut the nail wrap in half before filing the excess away to make two uses out of every wrap.

If the nail wrap does not fit your nails, you can cut the next size larger and trim the nail wrap down to fit your nail.

Apply a top coat (NOT fast drying) to the nail wraps for a shinier look and longer lasting nail wraps (Cap your tips to make your wraps seal with your nail even better).

How To Apply - Nail Wraps